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Serum More 30 ml

299 kr

Welcome to our product range, Serum More! We can finally present this sought after, brand-new product that everyone needs! Serum More has the same moisturising base as Serum Moist, but with an added, exclusive and firming extract from the Persian Silk Tree. That makes this serum perfect for mature skin! It also contains protective lactic acid bacteria as well as Bakuchiol (retinol) from the plant Babchi (Psoralea Corylifolia). Bakuchiol has the same properties as retinol but without creating irritation, photosensitivity, being dehydrating etc. Bakuchiol stimulates the production of collagen and helps reduce visible signs of ageing. It also increases the moisture content of the skin and has smoothing properties, making fine lines less visible.

Serum More has a light texture and is easily absorbed by the skin. Apply it to cleansed skin, before Royal Facial Oil More and Face Lotion More. Serum More can also be used during the night, under Night Cream More.